Dad’s German Chocolate Delight
Drool worthy Sheet Cakes

Dad’s German Chocolate Delight


Ultra-moist german chocolate base, coconut pecan topping, Nutella hot fudge drizzle

100% Vegan


A Taste to Celebrate

The #1 cake ordered during holidays and occasions.

Pairs Well With…

Malai Kulfi – a creamy and rich Indian style ice cream.

Get the most out of your cake

We mean this quite literally. Sheet cakes make it easy to slice and serve without wastage!

A Fusion Concept From the Heart

Though not a true ‘fusion’ flavour; this product was made out of tribute to my Father in Law, a true chocolate lover himself who spent many years studying and working in Germany.

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Product is available for delivery or pickup

Serves up to 9-12 people

Storage and Consumption

Keep item refrigerated prior to consumption

Product is best consumed within 3-5 days of receiving.

Flavour Breakdown

ultra-moist german chocolate base, coconut pecan topping, nutella hot fudge drizzle


  1. HARDIP B.

    OMG Delicious Cake! Thank you so much! Let me tell you I just posted, and people are asking about your cake!!

Dad’s German Chocolate Delight
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