Chocolate Affair
Chocolate Affair 1Chocolate Affair 1
Insta-worthy Undressed Cakes

Chocolate Affair


Triple chocolate espresso base, Nutella buttercream frosting, hot fudge ganache & Ferrero rocher for undressing

100% Vegan


Instagram Worthy

Make sure you’re camera ready for this one – our ‘pull me up’ cakes are the star of the show!

Next Level Decadence

Expect over-the-top extravagance for your tastebuds

All Star Lineup

There is something for everyone in our three flavor offerings. All rich in taste and easy on the eyes!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

It’s the sauce cascading down for us. It never gets old!

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You’ve got great taste. Luckily, so do we.

Product is available for delivery or pickup

Item comes with: x1 6” cake, x1 pour over sauce, candy/chocolate for garnish

Please see instructions before ‘undressing’

Storage and Consumption

Keep product refrigerated prior to consumption

At the time of ‘undressing’ pour over sauce is best heated as per the directions

Item will last up to 1 week, refrigerated

Flavour Breakdown

Triple chocolate espresso base, nutella buttercream frosting, hot fudge ganache & ferrero rocher for undressing


  1. HANNY A.

    I have to say this was beyond my expectations. To be honest, at first, it looked like it would be too sweet but it was a perfect balance. The cake was so moist and all the different textures blended well together. Hands down best chocolate cake I’ve ever had in my life. My family loved it and it made my brother’s birthday special. Thank you so much

Chocolate Affair
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